Final Will and Testament + Estate Docs – PPII


Preparing for one’s exit is the best way to divide and share assets you will no longer need when you’re gone! Plan for whatever valuables you have right now so your family will have peace of mind without the need to go through the courts and make an even bigger mess of things, and high legal fees!


Planning for one’s exit from this world is a very important role in life. We cannot take anything with us, so it is best to plan for what happens to our stuff and assets before that time comes. And since we don’t know when this time will be, it is imperative that we plan for this moment as soon as possible. This will peacefully allow those entitled to portions to get their own without fuss, quarrel or legal battles in the long run.

Included Documents:

Living Trust
Approval from spouse for Living Trust
Health Care Directive-Living Will
Last Will and Testament
Person to act as Executor and Trustee
Power of Attorney Revocation


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